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Triangle Pattern Ring Money

Triangle Pattern Ring Money

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This is a replica of numerous silver bangles from the Viking period. They originally  weighed a Viking Ounce (around 25g) and were broken into pieces as a way of paying for goods. Fake ring money cast in a lead/pewter mix have been found in York. Some of these bracelts were plain, and others have patterns on them. This triangular pattern is a common motif on silver finds from the time.

Our pewter is cast and hand finished by us in Scotland.

This bracelet is designed to be worn loose and adjustable only once. Please bend with gentle and even pressure so that you can slide the bracelet onto your wrist. Do not adjust further. Avoid wearing in showers and pools as chemicals and soaps can cause the metal to tarnish faster.

The pewter version comes supplied with care instructions and an Asgard pillowpack.

Weight: 22g

Internal Length/Gap: 17.5cm/3cm

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