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Loki Bound Short Sleeve Raglan Style T-Shirt

Loki Bound Short Sleeve Raglan Style T-Shirt

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Our Aarhus Mask design is our take on the mammen style carving on a runestone from Aarhus in Denmark.

The granite stone has been dated to around 970-1020. It was found in 1850 in the foundation of a water mill that had burned down where it had been used as a cornerstone. 

The inscription from the stone is thought to translate as: Gunnulfr and Eygautr/Auðgautr and Áslakr and Hrólfr raised this stone in memory of Fúl, their partner, who died when kings fought.

Academics think  that "when kings fought" refers to the Battle of Svolder.

This design is on a white and black short sleeve t-shirt available in sizes S to 3XL.

Our Aarhus Mask t-shirt is designed and printed by us in Scotland.


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