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Extra Small Permian Arm Ring

Extra Small Permian Arm Ring

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This small pewter bracelet is based on a variety of silver bracelets that are well known from the Viking age. The twisted style of the band is found in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, often as large arm, or neck-rings. When this style is found further West, they are often in the form of smaller bracelets or hack-silver, as if pieces have been removed to be used as currency as they have been transported across Europe.

This bracelet is very small - don't forget to measure! Curve your thumb in so that it rests on your palm and run a tape measure around your hand level with the bottom of your thumb joint.

It's hand made by us in Scotland, and comes with a gift box and description.

Weight 25g
Internal Circumference 19.5cm
Internal Diameter 6cm
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