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Extra Large Hiddensee Hammer

Extra Large Hiddensee Hammer

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This is a full size replica of one of the pendants from the Hiddensee hoard that was found in 1873. These massive pendants were originally cast in gold, date from the 10th century, and may have belonged to the Danish Royality of the time.

The design itself is a mix of a pagan Thor's hammer and a Christian cross, reflecting the mix of the two cultures.

Full size replicas have been made before for museum displays, notably for the Canadian Museum of History, and the local museum in Hiddensee, but this is the first full size replica to be available for general sale.

We send finished pewter pieces to specialists in England to do the gold plating for us. Viking period gold plating was done using mercury. Thankfully, this dangerous process is no longer carried out. The gold plated pendant come with a length of black leather cord, and is gift boxed. A Short description can be fouind on the back of the packaging.

This pendant can be assembled with AV030 and AV039 to recreate the original necklace find from the Hiddensee hoard. 6 of this type of pendant were found, along with 4 smaller ones similar to AV030, and 4 spacers (AV039).

Weight: 77g

Dimensions: 70mm x 70mm

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