The Reasons why we love Norsemen's Frøya!


For those of you who haven’t already seen it, Norsemen is a Netflix hit comedy set in the Viking age. Think Monty Python meets the Vikings. Michael Scott meets Ragnar Lothbrok. It has us laughing our assicles off.

Frøya is Norsemen’s resident shieldmaiden and we love her. While her costuming is anything but Viking, her spirit and her sass is what draws us to her.

Here’s 5 reasons why we love here;

  1. She cuts off Jarl Vargs hands.

The villagers of Norheim will be very pleased that as heis now lacking fine motor neuron skills it will keep him away from their urethra’s, thanks to Frøya.

  1. Her softer side

The fierce warrior with a (very deep) fluffy centre. She falls in love with Arvid and we see her vulnerable side when her plans to marry him are spoiled by Hildur. Poor Frøya!

  1. Her partnership with Arvid.

Moments like this are Gold. This ridiculous Frøya and Arvid tattoo is one of the many reasons why we love this ill faited pair so much.

  1. She is Badass

Frøya raids better than the boys, especially her husband Orm. You’re more likely to see her plundering and defiling than you will nalbinding. See her necklace for proof!

  1. She’s not like the other women in the show

While the Hildur and Liv are both strong women (Hildur will cut your head off), their position in the village forces them to use men and manipulation to get what they want. Frøya is independent and doesn’t need a man, she’s married to Orm for goodness sake! See Livs awkward encounter with orm below…


Thanks for reading and remember to make Norheim great again!

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