Celebrate the Viking Way!

The Perfect Viking Gift

As part of this year’s Yule giveaway we have teamed up with the folk at Raven Gin and Highland Park Whisky to bring you the perfect Norse themed prize.

Up for grabs is a bottle of Thought and Memory gin from Raven gin, and a bottle of Dragon Legend from Highland park.

What has inspired these two distilleries to produce these fabulous spirits?  

The 12-year-old single malt highlights the richer, smokier side of Highland Park. Inspired by the Viking warrior Sigurd, they have created a whisky as bold and as unconventional as he was. Sigurd is said to have killed the poison breathing dragon, Fafnir. His Father Reign ran away in fear leaving Sigurd to slay the beast alone. The Vikings were both in awe and fear of dragons as they possessed mystical powers, but also represented forces of evil. It was said that those who eat the heart of a dragon will be bestowed with great knowledge and power.

After Sigurd had slain the dragon, Reign instructed him to cook the heart. Sigurd not knowing that reign was in fact planning to kill him and steal the dragon’s heart and gold for himself. While cooking the heart, the dragons blood spilled onto his hands. He licked his thumb to remove the blood and was granted powers of wisdom and knowledge. He also gained the speech of birds and with this he was warned by Odin’s ravens that his father was on his way to kill him and steal Fafnir’s gold. With this information Sigurd beheaded Reign with his sword, Gram and fled with gold and the dragon’s heart.

The Viking inspired Raven Gin is distilled in Aberdeenshire. In Norse mythology ravens hold great significance as they belong to Odin, rumoured to be projections of the God himself. These agents of Odin listen and watch throughout the nine worlds. They can also symbolise Odin’s welcome to Valhalla for fallen warriors. Known as Huginn and Muninn or Thought and Memory Odin’s ravens come in a pair and this is where Raven gin takes its name from.

Tasting notes.

Dragon Legend

The natural cask driven colour of this whiskey is a deep gold and bright in clarity.  The flavour offers notes of lemon peel, honey, vanilla, warm spices, freshly cut wood and aromatic peat smoke.

The 70cl bottle retails at £43 with an ABV of 43.1%.

Raven Gin

This premium dry gin is distilled using traditional botanicals and mandarin. This leaves the gin fresh on the nose, light and smooth on the palette with a distinctive and slightly spicy finish.

This 50cl Bottle retails at £35 with an ABV of 45%.

Please Drink Responsibly.

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