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Celtic Vector Motifs

Celtic Vector Motifs

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Celtic Vector Motifs

More than 300 high quality vector graphics: clearly drawn Celtic art from original themes and sources rendered in Vector file formats. Images include mythical beasts, Celtic animals, spirals, circular and square spot illustrations - drawn in the interlaced style of ancient Celtic art. Features borders, Celtic coins and religious imagery, abstracts and geometric symbols. 

Users can easily manipulate the high-utility graphics without losing clarity. Files can be enlarged, coloured, patterned, textured, skewed, sheared, and otherwise customised and are offered in EPS, SVG, JPEG, and PNG formats. Dover Original. Image File Information: . Includes 309 attractive, high-utility vector motifs saved in 4 formats (EPS, SVG, JPEG, and PNG).

Illustrations: 300 vector graphics

Copyright: Permission Free

ISBN 10: 0486991091

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